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Attraction Professional Kit

 Attraction Competition Collection 

  • Attraction Nail Liquid 118.3 ml
  • 2x40 gm Powders (Radiant White & Sheer Pink)
  • 4x14g Powders (Radiant Pink, Totally Clear, Soft White & Purely Pink Masque)
  • Attract(Acid-Free) Primer 7ml
  • Sanitize Spray 59ml
  • Nail Pure Plus 59ml
  • Cleanse 59ml
  • Nurture Oil 15 ml
  • #8 GrandKolinsky Brush
  • Large Dappen Dish with lid
  • Elation Natural Nail tips 150 Ct. Tip Tray asst. 1-10#
  • Polybond adhesive clear 7g
  • Brown 100 grit file
  • Endurance File 180/240 grit
  • Lavender Block Buffer
  • Glaze 'n Go 7 ml
  • Vanish Cuticle Dissolve 15ml
  • 30 Platinum nail forms
  • Brush Cleaner 59 ml
  • Nail Wipes x10

In our lab, we have worked with nail artists for not only the color, but to improve the feel of the product:

You Asked, we answered...
• Providing confidence to every skill level technician on overlays and tip & overlays for a natural finish.
• Competition photographic quality results, with the ease of everyday application.
• Fudge proof pick-up.
• Technician control.
• Expanded color range.
• Highest standards of clarity.
• Perfect bead spring back action.

  • Model: Attraction Professional Kit

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